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Membership Qualifications Criterion:

  • 1. Company should comply with following MUST criteria to become a member:
    • a. Only a Company registered in India is eligible
    • b. The Company must have a minimum of 50% Indian ownership
    • c. The company must have at least 20 citizens employed in the Indian office

  • 2. In addition to above, the member should be able to meet at least one of the below criteria to substantiate activity in Ship Design field:
    • a. Company has an ISO certificate in Indian office stating Ship Design as an activity
    • b. Company produces a certificate from IRS, INA or other class stating that the Indian office is involved in Ship Design Activity
    • c. Company can produce 3 POs (price masked up) of Ship design activity done in past year

  • 3. IMDA shall have the full right to decide admission.

  • Notes: Please see the membership categories and fees below.

Sr No Category Enrollment fee (INR) excl GST Annual subscription (INR) excl GST
A Founder member 25000/- 25000/-
B Corporate member 10,000/- 25,000/-
C Individual member 5000/- 5000/-
  • (i) A Corporate member - should be a nominated representative of a Ship Design and Engineering company engaged in Ship Design activities for minimum 5 years with references of having done basic and/or production design to any Shipbuilders /Ship owners. Purchase order for minimum 3 such works from clients by blanking the purchase cost need to be submitted to IMDA for review and approval for induction as a corporate member.
  • (ii) A member should be a well-known individual professional in the field of Ship Design and Engineering for having served in a Ship Design/Shipbuilding organizations for a minimum of 15 years. Member shall submit such information through a service certificate from the companies where he/she has served/is serving..